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Why Do You Need Content Scheduling?

MGEMS Marketing - Content Scheduling
Having a consistent upload schedule across your social media is key to building an organic following. With our content scheduling service, we help to make this process as stress-free as possible. Rather than frantically searching for a post to put up for today, plan ahead with our post scheduler. That way, you can plan out your content weeks, even months, ahead of schedule. If your business is on social media, then having a proper content schedule is a must for social media management.

Content Scheduling Features

Flexible Post Schedule

Our scheduling software has an easy to follow interface for scheduling your social media posts. With it, you can choose what page from your connected fan pages to post to. Furthermore, choose any day and any time to upload your post – including right this moment.

Automated Posting

On our software, there is no need to approve a post before uploading. Furthermore, you do not have to push posts through using a mobile device or computer application. Simply set your upload time and wait for the likes to come in.

Social Analytics

Study your previously uploaded posts and how they engaged with your followers. Also, you can set a range of dates to study, from a few days to one full week to narrow your data. This information is useful when planning out your next batch of posts in order to maximize engagement with your followers.

Content Feeds

Our in-app content feeds are perfect for those looking for content in a pinch. All you need to do is connect your go-to RSS feed and watch the content pour in. You can then schedule your upload time with a unique caption.

Multi-Platform Posting

Is your company active on multiple social media platforms? Our software supports cross-platform posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Now, you can minimize your planning to a fraction of your usual time.

Post Variety

Our platform supports all sorts of post types. Outside of the typical text-only updates, we also support multimedia posts. This includes images, videos, and links to webpages. Post the material you want to post in order to cater the best to your target audience.


Can I delete posts that I have already scheduled?
Of course you can. Our software makes it easy to manage all the posts in your queue. In fact, rescheduling the posts already in your queue is quick and easy. However, once the post has been uploaded to your social media account, you will have to take it down manually on that respective profile.
Do hashtags work for scheduled posts?
Yes, they do. All you need to do is write our your custom caption using the post scheduler as you normally would on social media. For hashtags, simply use the “#” to indicate what words you’re using are hashtags.
Is there a character limit for posts?
In our software, no there is not. However, the character limits are enforced once the post goes up on its respective social media account. For example, if a 300 character post is uploaded to Twitter, the post will cut off at 280 characters. However, our software will notify you once you have gone past the Twitter character limit.
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