Reputation Monitoring

Understand what clients are saying about you online – good or bad.

Why Do You Need Reputation Monitoring?

Online reviews and testimonials play a huge role when buyers are deciding on a new product or service. Thus, having poor reviews on sites such as Yelp can prove dangerous for any business. On the other hand, having a great reputation on these sites can be very profitable. So, it is best to acknowledge both good and bad reviews and understand how to properly react to them. For instance, good reviews deserve a thank you while bad reviews deserve an apology and invitation for conversation.  Every star counts!

Reputation Monitoring Features


Review Notifications

Be the first one to know when somebody writes a review about you online. We can link any and all review sites in our software to notify you every single time. This enables a quick reaction time when handling your reputation monitoring. Also, it lets reviewers know you care about what they have to say.

Damage Control

Of course, not every review will be a good one. Customers may leave poor reviews about your company in the event that they are unhappy with your product or service. In the event that you are left a subpar review, we will equip you with the tools and mindset to make the most of out it. We can help you turn a bad review into a potential profit.

Social Media Monitoring

Sites like Yelp are not the only place where customers leave reviews. Often times, your Facebook page makes for a great collection of reviews to pay attention to. This includes both full reviews with star ratings and even comments on a post. Thus, MGEMS Marketing provides you with a complete reputation monitoring service for social media and other review sites.


How much do your graphic design services cost?
It is difficult for us to guarantee a solid price as it depends on what kind of graphic design work you need, as well as the quantity of it. What we can guarantee however is that our prices are flexible and affordable to get you the graphics you need.
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Yes, you are more than welcome to do so if you feel you are qualified. However, we have over 25 years of marketing experience with a large majority of that spent improving our graphic design work. Plus, the money you spend on our undivided service and expert skill set will be returned to you through all your new customers!
How does the graphic design process work?
The first step is to sit down with us and discuss what type of graphics you are looking for. This is also when you would send us any logos or previous branded items you have. After that, we design the things you asked for and get your approval. Simple as that! You are welcome to notify us of any changes you may need along the way as well.

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