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Why Do You Need Wide Format Products?

MGEMS Marketing - Wide Format
Our wide format printing products are perfect for any sort of promotion or special event. In general, these products are much larger than our standard print products. Examples of wide format products include posters, banners, lawn signs, flags, and more. Also, these products are perfect for long-term use. So, you can expect to use these heavy-duty products on multiple occasions for a long period of time. These products are your best bet if you are looking for longevity in your marketing.

Template Portfolio

Here are some example templates that are available for you to use for our wide format products.
For a full look at all of our templates, click the button below to visit our portfolio site.

Wide Format Products - Business Card
Wide Format Products - Flag
Wide Format Products - Banner

Examples of Wide Format Products

Wide Format Products - Banners


Versatile signage that is perfect for promotion at any indoor function.
Wide Format Products - Flag


Attention grabbing and durable; our flags come in different shapes to match your needs.
Wide Format Products - Lawn Signs

Lawn Signs

The ideal marketing tool for any political campaign. These are also great for marketing to the local neighborhood.
Wide Format Products - Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Express your creativity by turning any window or glass door into sign space for your business.

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Will these products last forever?
While we cannot guarantee that they can survive literally everything, they will certainly stand the test of time if properly maintained. Most of these products are designed to survive harsh weather conditions and light wear and tear.
What’s the difference between wide format and regular print products?
Our wide format products are much more durable than regular print products. Many of these items are specifically designed for outdoor use, making them weatherproof and long lasting. Regular print products are generally designed for temporary use and (physically) will not last as long as these products here.
Do you sell these products in large quantities?
Yes, we do! While our maximum order size is generally much smaller than the maximum order size of our other print products, you are still more than welcome to order in bulk. Do keep in mind that since these products have a higher durability, they will take a bit longer to make and prepare.
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