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Why Do You Need Graphic Design?

MGEMS Marketing - Graphic Design
Graphic design is the ultimate attention grabber for all your marketing strategies. Improve the quality and conversion of all your marketing materials with eye-catching design work. Furthermore, every business needs consistent branding. This means that not only do your postcards and flyers need proper branding, but all your social media graphics as well. Market your brand the right way with the artistic direction and design work by MGEMS Marketing.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Below are some samples which we have designed for our clients and partner companies. We create graphics for different industries including restaurants, salons, auto shows. Feel free to browse our work to help you decide what kind of designs you want for your business.

Graphic Design Sample - Restaurant Postcard
Graphic Design Sample - CD Cover
Graphic Design Sample - Facebook Cover Photo

Graphic Design for

Print Marketing

As experienced printers, MGEMS Marketing knows how to expertly design any sort of print material. Ranging from smaller business cards to much larger banners and flags, we understand what designs work best for each medium. So, our custom designs are your best bet for print materials that look good and get you clients!

Graphic Design for

Social Media

Branding your business online is key for expanding to new audiences and having a larger reach. By getting yourself the right graphics that match your company, you will be able to have a much cleaner appearance on social media. Furthermore, having a consistent brand on different platforms will make you more recognizable and also get you more customers!

Graphic Design Pricing




Business Cards$25$40
4×6 Postcards/Flyers$60$40
6×8 Postcards/Mailers$85$140
8.5×11 Sell Sheets/Flyers$125$200
4×9 Doorhangers$90$125

Graphic Design Request Form

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How much do your graphic design services cost?
It is difficult for us to guarantee a solid price as it depends on what kind of graphic design work you need, as well as the quantity of it. What we can guarantee however is that our prices are flexible and affordable to get you the graphics you need.
Can’t I just create my own designs myself?
Yes, you are more than welcome to do so if you feel you are qualified. However, we have over 25 years of marketing experience with a large majority of that spent improving our graphics and artwork. Plus, the money you spend on our undivided service and expert skill set will be returned to you through all your new customers!
How does the graphic design process work?
The first step is to sit down with us and discuss what type of graphics you are looking for. This is also when you would send us any logos or previous branded items you have. After that, we design the things you asked for and get your approval. Simple as that! You are welcome to notify us of any changes you may need along the way as well.
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