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Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimization?

MGEMS Marketing - Search Engine Optimization
Having great content on your website and social media is great for users who are already aware of your business. However, to get new leads and potential clients to find you, then more thought must be put into how you write your content. With proper SEO, your company will be more easily found by your target audience when using search engines like Google or Bing. Also, by knowing profitable keywords and users use search engines, SEO can become a powerful tool when getting all the clients you can. At MGEMS Marketing, we can provide SEO content for pre-existing websites, or include it when building your new custom site.

Search Engine Optimization Portfolio

Below is a collection of sites that we have written content for that is suitable for Search Engine Optimization. Note that only some of these sites we created from scratch. Other sites were up beforehand and we handled only SEO for them.

Web Design Portfolio Sample - Dusals Restaurant
Web Design Portfolio Sample - Social Market Pros
Web Design Portfolio Sample - Tax Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization Features


SEO Diagnosis Reports

A thorough diagnostic test of your site is run through our software to see what your SEO score is currently at. From there, we work with you to establish a plan of action to reach your desired goals.

Keyword Research

Understanding your industry’s keywords are essential to high SEO. That is why we put in the proper time and effort to see what keywords high-ranking companies in your industry are using. That way, we give you the proper foundation for future success online.

Backend SEO

Search Engine Optimization is more than what you can see or read on a webpage. There are also backend components to be mindful of and that we take the time to look into. This includes elements such as meta descriptions, meta tags, ALT text, and more.

Personalized Content

Having unique content that is both readable and relevant to your audience. With us, we can provide you with 100% unique text content that is free from any plagiarism. Also, site visitors will easily understand what we write rather than just reading bodies of keywords that do not make sense.


Can't I just SEO my page myself?
If you have an SEO expert on your team with the right tools, you can of course take care of it yourself. However, MGEMS Marketing has the experience designing dozens of webpages for ourselves and for clients. Furthermore, the tools we use enable us to reach high SEO scores for all the content we create. In other words, your safest bet for Search Engine Optimization is with us.
Do you use any black-hat tactics for SEO?
Absolutely not. Black-hat tactics when done irresponsibly have adverse effects on a page’s SEO. We do not take that risk. At MGEMS Marketing, we do things by the book and we do things well. Furthermore, with all of our software and expertise, there is no need for us to resort to those tactics. You will get the results you want without them.
Will a website have to be rebuilt from scratch in order to have it SEO'd?
Not necessarily. That is why we run diagnostic tests on your page before we start working to see where your site is at in terms of SEO. After that, we share the results with you and discuss what we would recommend to have done. Of course, we try to keep the information of the site generally the same. Generally, SEO involves us adding more rather than taking away. This includes rewriting the information that is already present on your site, adding media, etc.
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